In 2023, TikTok was the highest-grossing app, generating a whopping $2.7 billion in revenue. It has over 1.5 billion monthly active users and is the most engaging social media platform. In 2023, it delivered an average engagement rate of 2.65%, beating Instagram (0.70%) and Facebook (0.15%).


“Is TikTok really for me?” is the question we always get asked by clients and the short answer is YES, it is really for you! The motto we stand by is “Don’t overthink it, just do it”. Forget what you know on Instagram and Facebook as TikTok is a whole other ball game.

And thanks to TikTok’s brilliant algorithm and the evergrowing #foryoupage (fyp), growing your brand quickly is easier than on all the other social platforms.

  • Use a viral sound underneath your video. TikTok has a feature where you can look through the sounds that are trending on the app. If you want to do an informative video with little sound, you can still add a viral sound underneath, minimising the music so it’s faint and then maximising your voice. Then when users search for this sound, your video will come up.
  • Accessibility. It’s great to reach as many viewers as possible when making a video. Captions and text to talk is a perfect way to be fully accessible to all viewers including those who are hard of hearing or can’t turn on the sound on their phone.
  • Use an eye-catching cover photo. If users have come across your feed, you want them to watch as many of your videos, therefore creating an eye-catching cover photo means that users can quickly decipher what the video is about and are more likely to watch it.
  • Utilise Hashtags. Hashtags like #LearnOnTikTok and #ForYou have over 6000B videos (!!!) so you know they’re popular. You can also search for videos that are niche to your video and still popular, for example, #Marketing has over 2.5B views. Stick to 5 hashtags per post, check what # is trending and use it on your post to push you further up the algorithm. But heads up, where #LearnOnTikTok is SO popular, your content could also drown in this.
  • Be succinct. Most people who come across your video, are scrolling on the For You Page (similar to explore page on Instagram). If your video doesn’t catch their attention instantly they will most likely keep scrolling. Visual captions are a good way to do this. Similar to a cover photo, the visual captions immediately show the user what the video is about so they know whether they want to commit to watching it.


The possibilities are endless if you’re a small business. Search similar topics and business ventures on the app to get inspiration. Still stuck? We’ve got some ideas below:

  • Are you a product-led small business? Perhaps you could do a video of packaging your product utilising ASMR, there’s a large audience of users who LOVE watching videos like this. Or where you started and where you are now. Maybe even a list of suppliers you use to help others in your position.
  • Are you looking to show personality? Utilise content pillars and lead with trends. Add a face to the brand or a mascot just like we’ve done for our client at Harry Ramsden’s. Make it relatable to the brand but also don’t be shy about embracing comedy, Joe & The Juice do this well. Our clients at Ole & Steen are also a good example of how we lead with trends but it doesn’t take over and is appropriate to the brand. Harry Ramsden’s however want to be relatable, funny and completely trend-led to appeal to a new younger audience, take a look at what we’ve done for them.
  • Are you a more premium-led brand? While we advise going down the trend-led route, there is a TikTok niche featuring professional videography of desirable recipe content and food porn-type videos featuring the ever-popular ASMR.


If you’re an e-commerce brand and not on TikTok, you may want to reconsider. 71.2% of users have bought something via TikTok Shop after seeing it on their feed. And with 55% of users making impulse purchases, it offers huge potential for e-commerce companies.

TikTok shops is an authentic way to sell your content without being in people’s faces. Creators jump on board and post brand content in a natural, authentic style video, the sweet spot for driving sales.

So there you have it, TikTok really is an ‘anything goes’ platform. You can think outside the box to get your brand noticed, appeal to a younger generation and maybe even go viral!

Get in touch if you need some more pointers for your TikTok brand strategy.

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Natalie Dunning

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