Influencer marketing is a key strategy to consider when growing your brand on social. Identifying trusted brand ambassadors who resonate with your target audience online, will drive sales and increase your brand reach.

Influencer marketing allows you to harness the power of creators to meet your brand objectives. Selecting the right influencers for the relevant social platform and brand objective is key. In 2024, Instagram will be the top channel with 80.8% of marketers expected to use it for influencer marketing and up to 54% will use TikTok.


From $1.7 billion in 2016, influencer marketing grew to an estimated $21.1 billion in 2023 and is expected to be worth $24 billion by the end of 2024. Brands are expected to significantly increase their budgets for creator-led campaigns. Generally speaking, influencer-generated content will perform better and drive higher engagement.

Organisations are noticing the value that working with influencers can bring to their business and upping their investment. In 2024, the main purpose of running influencer campaigns for marketers is to create User Generated Content (56%), generating sales follows as the second objective (23%).


You need to understand who your audience is to find the right influencers for promoting your products. They need to have an audience that resonates with your brand. Our platform shows us everything you need to know about the influencer’s audience, meaning we can find influencers who are right for you.

Before planning your influencer marketing campaign, you need to identify your goals and the channels you want to use. The type of activation will also define which influencers you work with. This may range from a gifted product send-out, paid influencer event or ongoing affiliate marketing programme.

Authenticity is an important factor to consider, influencers’ audiences should trust and value their brand recommendations. Genuine content is more likely to attract the consumer’s attention. Therefore, every social media post your influencer puts out must have a degree of authenticity attached.

Another important quality to consider is their social media reach. The higher the reach, the more people will see their content. Our platform allows us to look at which countries and even cities their audience is based. As well as assessing how many followers they have compared to their reach.

Micro-influencers often make a bigger impact than macro and mega-influencers. Usually, they have more engaged audiences that are more likely to take action over other influencers. Working with micro-influencers can also help minimise campaign costs and still achieve a great reach for your brand.


Generally, influencer marketing is traditionally measured and tracked in-app. Our platform takes it a step further and can measure much more.

Here are just some of the metrics we  measure:

  • Audience Demographics: Different factors that define your audience.
  • Audience Growth: We can see how the audience has grown over time.
  • Engagement Rate: An estimate of the percentage of engagement an average post of an influencer receives on a given channel compared to the potential reach of that post. This allows us to see if their engagement will help your brand grow.
  • Audience Credibility: This shows us which of their audience are engaged followers.
  • Brand Safety: This is key as it flags any particular topics an influencer may have posted about before that could affect your brand values. For example, sustainability or alcohol.

Doing this means we can find the right influencers for you and connect your brand with the type of audience you want to target.


“Kitch’s support was invaluable to our Veganuary campaign and our influencer outreach activity in particular. The team identified and reached out to a large collection of influencers, all of whom were heavily involved in the vegan community. As a result, we received fantastic coverage across all of our social media channels and saw a marked increase in conversions. Overall, we were delighted with the content, results and management of the activity from start to finish!”


  • Depending on what your brand is launching, our team will launch both product and experience-led campaigns.
  • Continually identify opportunities to foster long-term relationships with brand ambassadors.
  • Build affiliate links to share with your influencers to give additional tracking. These work for any type of influencer – someone with a smaller audience and higher engagement could outperform someone with a large audience.
  • Use unique codes to track uptake from influencers’ followers and measure sales.
  • Manage creator imagery and video content development, ensuring it is bespoke to your brand.
  • Share campaigns across all social platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. Cross-channel campaigns are on the rise this year and these are the preferred channels for brands that engage in influencer marketing.
  • Above all, we will deliver results.


  • Create a personalised influencer marketing strategy, tailored to your USPs and brand values. 
  • Build ongoing and long-term relationships with influencers who are passionate about your campaign.
  • Our team will manage all communications for you, working with both micro and macro-influencers.
  • Use our platform’s innovative reporting dashboard to measure content reach, engagement generated and return on investment.
  • Share deeper insights into your ongoing online strategy using our bespoke platform.

Previous Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Aubaine Restaurants

Aubaine Restaurants

Our brief was to raise awareness of the Veganuary menu on Instagram and drive website traffic. Our influencer outreach campaign resulted in a 301% increase in website traffic and 7.2% increase in follower growth from the month prior.


Panasonic Kitchen - Bread Maker - Social Media


We partnered Panasonic Kitchen UK with trusted influencers to create content that will engage existing customers and appeal to those potentially interested in a Panasonic Breadmaker or Combination Oven. Collaboratively, we gained 65.8K engagements, 1.7M increase on reach, and 2.2M video plays.

Cowdray Polo

Cowdray Park Polo - Social Media

We love supporting Cowdray Polo during the Cowdray Gold Cup Final, renowned as the highlight of the British polo season. Our latest influencer marketing campaign drove over 309 link clicks, helping the club sell out their Gin & Jazz event. Influencer posts delivered 5.9K engagements, 48.6K Instagram Story views and over 1.2M impressions.

If you would like to see more of our work and find out more about how your brand can utilise influencer marketing, get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to see more of our work and find out more about how your brand can utilise influencer marketing, get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

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