*Reel*ing Guests In

At Kitch, we love joining forces with companies and brands that inspire us. After the success of our first Food Folk event with the brilliant Jeremy Pang, Curious Crab Productions and The Food Brand Guys, we co-hosted another reel workshop at School of Wok!

We kick-started the day with our knowledge, tips and tricks on everything reels, educating them about the ever-changing world of social media and how Reels are being prioritised. The feed is changing and good quality videos that are not recycled from any other platform are generating way more interaction. We wanted our guests to feel confident and able to apply these changes to their own brands.

The Food Brand Guys carried on the conversation, talking to our guests about their approach to creative brand design and how to capture your brand identity. They took us through sustainability practices in great detail and how to incorporate them into the design aspect. Branding really is key when it comes to your business, we soon learned that “We are twice as likely to be persuaded by emotion than by facts”.

Our favourite part of the event had to be the brilliant “Bringing Food To Life” interactive session by the guys at Curious Crab Productions. Showing guests how to take a brand and make it stand out through innovative video production.

They had sourced a whole selection of handmade pizza from Home Dough and all of the mouth-watering components of a Truffle Hunter salad.

Our Guests were then instructed to get into 3 small groups to direct and film their own part of the truffle salad, as a result, they got that perfectly timed shot:

Station 1: a dramatic asparagus splash, straight into a fish tank of water.

Station 2: a factory line of corn on the cob, waiting to be seared by the blowtorch.

Station 3: a quest to capture the perfect drizzling truffle dressing shot on camera.

Check out the final shot in the video below.

If you missed out then not to worry as we are in talks of more Food Folk events coming soon. Contact us to get onto the guest list.

Written by:

Natalie Dunning

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